"Let it begin"

count Dracula is a 1,000 year old vampire who lives in a castle in the Carpathian mountains. he is the arch enemy of Abraham van Helsing. when vampire hunters stormed his castle he was escaped while everybody else, including van helsing, was sucked into limbo. 100 years later he resurfaced and brought together the gill-man, the wolf-man, the mummy and the Frankenstein monster to find the amulet and conquer the world . when Frankenstein betrays him for the monster squad he becomes more determined to find it. when the monster squad finds it first he destroys the town looking for it. he is thrown on a stake by Frankenstein. the monster squad opens the portal. however he is alive but Sean stakes him and van helsing drags him into limbo.

dracula has super strength and can hypnotise you just by looking into your eyes.