"Creature stole my twinkie."

the gill-man is fully amphibious,capable of breathing in and out of water it also possesses super human strength. it also possesses large webbed hands with sharp claws on the tip of each finger. the gill-man's scaly skin is extremely tough which combined with a healing factor allows it to survive which would be fatal to humans such as gunshots and full immolation. the creature has a dormant set of lungs should it's gills be irreparably. the gill-man is slightly photophobic due to it's murky water habit. the creature is the last survivor of a prehistoric amphibians.

the creature appears in the creature from the black lagoon,(1957), revenge of the creature(1955), and the creature walks among us(1956).

the gill-man appears in Fred deckers monster squad where it shows little interest in female humans as opposed to it,s classic counterpart. instead it allies itself with count Dracula, the Wolf-man and the mummy in order to secure an ancient amulet that will allow them to conquer the world. after snapping the necks of many police officers, the gill-man is killed by squad member Horace who shoots it with a shotgun.

the costume was redesigned because of copyright issues with universal studios the gill-man was the first portrayal of Tom woodruff J.R who later went on to be in the alien films.